James Knowles
James Knowles is the President, CEO and Artist-in-Residence of the Roger Smith Hotel.

Sculptural Works  
Urban Crystals: Studio Interview
with James Knowles
January 2-18, 2008: Urban Crystals
by James Knowles

3-D Animation of James Knowles Sculpture
Version One

Version Two
Stainless Steel Series
A look at James Knowles' most recent work, a series of 110 stainless steel sculptures to be installed on the Roger Smith Hotel.

"In studying architecture the idea of form as architecture caught my fancy... so pure architecture would be sculpture."
James Knowles at Yellowbird
James Knowles displayed a large body of work at the Yellow Bird Gallery in Newburgh, NY (spring of 2006).
Artist Journals  
A Difficult and Rocky Road
"Do it or don't do it? And not doing it is like committing a sin. Doing it is painful, a difficult rocky road."
Artist Cajolings
"I am cajoling myself to engage and to build and to create"
"Great artists are philosophers not craftsman. Craft is easy. Vision is not. The work of high art is a carrier of philosophy."

Isamu Noguchi Museum
James Knowles takes a walking tour of the Isamu Noguchi Museum in Queens.